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Writing a good cold email

Writing a good cold email

A good cold email

If you want your marketing to be successful, you need to persuade people to take action. Writing a good cold email can be the quickest and most effective way to do this.


A good cold email can be a powerful marketing tool, but it also has the potential to turn people off. 


Cold emails are an effective tactic when it comes to content promotion. But it’s an art and a science. If your email is too short, too long, or worse – unprofessional – you might want to try something else.


Cold emails can be very effective. When it comes to connecting with people and making them feel comfortable, cold emails are the most effective.


“Cold” means that you’re reaching out without knowing their name or what they do for a living. You can use this approach whether you’re asking a job- interview question, or contacting someone to discuss a product idea.

Do you know how you can craft an email that will leave your prospect wanting to hear from you? Keep reading to find out more about writing the perfect cold email…

Offer Value In Your Cold Email

In order to be successful in writing a good cold email, you have to offer something valuable. This can include a free eBook or a free consultation call.


Aiming to offer something valuable in your inbox should guide your email content as well as your website navigation. 


Your email should make a compelling statement about the value of your product or service. Remember – you have a website, so don’t just send people to an email confirmation link. 


You can also use social media links to expand on content on your website and offer valuable resources in webinars, guides, videos, white papers, and more.


People come to you and see this value in front of them. They can analyze your offers and build up a trusting relationship with you by responding to whatever you send out. 


So choose your email subject wisely, and send content that your customers want to read and that will get them to talk with you.

Have An Introduction That Will Get Attention

The subject line is a good place to start. If you’re cold-emailing, make sure you add value and additional information to your email subject line. 


Remember, there are tricks for writing good subject lines which you can use in the future, so the first line may never be ideal, but it certainly sets precedence for “good subject lines”.


  • Cold email introductions can be a time-consuming process, but if done well it can lead to fruitful relationships. 


You have to be careful about what you send in your cold email introduction. You don’t want to sound salesy 🙂 You just want to put yourself in your target buyer’s shoes, that’s about it!

Close Out With A Call To Action

Your call to action (CTA) at the end of your cold email is like the bookend of a sales funnel. It’s important to include calls to action in your cold emails.


Don’t just write a standard ‘sign up’ email. Include a call to action or a way for the reader to navigate to another page or button.


Make sure it’s clear and concise, with clear, easy-to-read instructions that lead to some action being taken.


A good cold email should have a call to action that encourages the recipient of the cold email to take action. That includes booking a call, scheduling an interview or meeting for lunch.

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Kemi Olaoshun is a content writer who dabbles in SEO and digital marketing. She considers herself  “a Jackie of all trades” and has her fingers in too many pies.