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Non Responsive Emails

What to do with Non Responsive Emails

One of the most common metrics used to measure an email campaign’s success is the response rate. This is typically measured as actual human replies- whether it is a yes or a no- and excludes out of office email responses.


But what do you do with all of your non responsive emails?


Wait though, what is a non responsive email and what does that even mean?


Rest assured that the Send Koala team ‘has your back’; we will be answering all of this and more.

What Does Non Responsive Mean?

First things first, what does non responsive mean in terms of an email campaign?


For a cold email campaign, a person tagged as non responsive will be any prospect you are trying to contact and convert but does not engage or reply to any of the emails within your sequence. 


No reply = non responsive… easy right?


Your email sending software should be measuring your response rate. You should also be able to filter your email lists to distinguish who is not engaging with your emails.


Non responsive also means you need to think logically not emotionally. Seeing a higher non response rate does not mean that the prospect does not like you, your company or your product. You should have a plan of action in place to handle low response rates.

What Do You Do With Non Responsive Emails?

You have two main options when you have a list of non responsive email recipients; you can either leave them as is or you can diligently try again.

It is a great idea to move your non responsive email contacts through another email sequence. Ignoring all of your prospects that have not replied to you is not the best idea. Maybe your copy needed adjusting or maybe they were away from the office. You have to factor in that some of these non responsive prospects may have been on holiday, so by all means reach out again.


Before you just push everyone back through your campaign, take a good look at everything in front of you. Were your subject lines not tempting? Was your copy too bland or lack personalization? You should be able to identify ways your campaign should be changed to be able to improve.


Try “zesting” up your subject line to make it more eye-catching. After all, your subject line is your email campaign’s first impression, it should stand out against the rest of the emails in your prospects’ inboxes.


Once you look at your subject lines, you should check out your email body. The copy in the body of your email should be informative without being an essay, be personalized, and include CTAs to tempt the reader to book a call.

How Do You Avoid Non Responsive Emails?

Prospecting is the first step within the prospect cycle. In the first step, your sales team and company will identify who to i

The above tips are good when trying to improve and fix an email sequence to increase the response rate of an email, but how do you avoid non responsive emails altogether?


First things first, take an in-depth look at your list of email contacts. You need to be sure that your emails suit the recipients. Break your email list down into whatever ways you need to in order to get the copy as customised as possible. Group people by industry, title, location and more. This way you can make use of mail merges and more in order to make your copy as personal as possible.


A person’s own name is the sweetest sound to themselves, so be sure to include their name in the email copy and the subject line if it makes sense. Depending on the context of your email, be sure to also include your prospect’s company name and maybe a few other bits that make it more personal.


For example, if you get your email lists from Linkedin, try searching particular keywords and include relative content around that as well. Let’s say your email list is 30K people total, try searching “Cats” or “dogs” maybe and see how many people mention that in their profile and from there you can edit email copy to talk a little bit more about your own pet, ask questions about theirs and lead into the rest of your email.


Being specific as possible or as personalized as you can, helps capture the attention of your readers.


It is worth mentioning that you can’t avoid all non responsive email responses. Again, this is due to people being out of the office or maybe landing in the dreaded spam folder. By following email copy best practices, you can help ensure your email campaign will get more responses.

deal person is that will buy your product or service.

This means your should know the location, age, gender, interests and more for the people that will buy the product. In addition to this you need to know which channel will be thwe most successful to reach your ideal client. This may be Google Ads or various social media ads, cold calling, emailing, or direct mail.

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