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What are outbound sales

What are Outbound Sales

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What are Outbound Sales?

So…what are outbound sales…outbound sales are the process of prospecting for leads that have not yet expressed interest in your product or service. Finding these leads is often considered “cold” and may take a little bit of extra work because they are not “warm”.

Outbound sales prospecting is usually handled by a company’s internal sales team. This means the sales team will be data mining and using tools and a variety of platforms to gather information on potential leads.

Outbound sales may take more work because they are cold, but they often are leads still worth going after because, as a company, your internal team knows what personas and demographics will be the aptest to purchase your product or service.

Outbound sales also have an advantage compared to other sales approaches because it allows you to get immediate feedback. While on the phone a lead will immediately tell you their intentions; you will get a yes or a no before you hang up or be told who is a better contact.

Nuiances Outbound Sales

When working in outbound sales, you need to focus on relationship building before focusing on your pitch. Cold leads need a little more coercing to convert, so you will want to be sure that they feel secure and well taken care of.


Have a clear and concise message to deliver. Having a complicated pitch with closed questions does not allow you to learn each company’s individual pain points. By having a clear message and implementing the use of open-ended questions in your pitch, you can tailor your message to each prospect to have a better chance of converting the lead to a client.


Before conducting any outreach, research is a must. The internal team must know exactly who their ideal target audience is. This often means building out numerous buyer personas and having scripts and copy ready for each buyer type. 


An initial method used in outbound sales is cold emailing. Cold emailing allows for you to send out a mass number of messages with follow-ups to prospects. Emailing is a great method for generating leads because it allows you to convey your message in written words and find different ways to insert CTAs and other value-adds to make your product or service enticing.

Cold calling is another method often used by outbound sales teams. Cold calling takes some skill because you need to know how to get past potential gatekeepers and speak to the key decision-maker. Cold calling should not be ignored even if some may find it a bit more difficult. A call is often harder to ignore compared to its email counterpart because prospects may be more inclined to agree to a call or a follow-up because it is harder to say no on the phone than simply ignore or delete an email.

What are some Outbound Sales tools?

Many outbound sales professionals use autodialers. An autodialer allows you to queue up numbers to potential clients and dial one number after another to save time and automate the dialing and cold calling process.


Another tool some outbound sales representatives may use is an automated voicemail tool. This means that the rep will make one singular message in case a prospect does not pick up and then with a single click they are able to leave the pre-recorded message and save time by not having to repeat themselves each and every time.


Automated cold email tools are also in many outbound sales professionals’ toolkits. Cold email tools are great for outbound sales teams. These tools allow for prospecting lists to be uploaded, messaging sequences copied in, and then automated to send out X amount of emails each day with follow-up emails as well. Sending out emails can take a great deal of time, so having a tool that automates the process can make cold emailing a bit easier.

One last tool essential to the outbound sales toolkit is contact information tools. Contact information tools make it easier for the team to find a phone number and email to potential leads if the information is not easily or readily available.

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