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The art of lead generation

The Art of Lead Generation

Lead generation is not for the faint of heart. You need to know the art of lead generation and how to be creative in your approaches. 


Anyone can do lead generation, but the real point is if you can do lead generation that is both effective and attractive. This is where lead generation has an artistic flair to it. To be successful in the world of lead generation you must be creative in both the way you approach lead generation and ensuring what you produce is visually appealing.

Bringing Creativity to Lead Generation

The art of lead generation means to be effective you need to be creative with your approach.

Make some videos

One way to add a bit of art to your lead generation efforts is to begin producing video content. Video content can come in the form of explainer videos for your web pages, videos to display products on your individual product pages, a quick video in an email to help break up the text, or you can commit to producing regular content on a branded youtube channel.


Either one of these methods or a combination can help boost your lead generation efforts.

Cut back on your options

A creative way to approach your lead generation is when you craft your content, you should minimise the number of product choices you offer in each outreach method. Pick your best or most appealing products and highlight them rather than offering a full selection.


Many people like to showcase as much as they can, but this can quickly become too overwhelming for your prospects. So, although this is not an artistic approach to being creative with lead generation, it is a way to go against the grain and not do what most people try to do.

Quiz Time!

Another way you can bring a touch of art to your lead generation is by creating quizzes to tie into your lead generation efforts. Create a fun quiz that can be shared on social media accounts that ties to your product. Offering a coupon if the quiz is finished and shared is a great way to both share your company’s name and product, but also help entice the participant to complete a purchase.

Tidy up your main pages

Cleaning up your main site pages and other landing pages is a great way to better understand the art of lead generation.


People like attractive, easy to use, and easy to digest content. This means you should visit your main site pages and most popular pages and be sure they are attractive and friendly to read.


This means breaking content up into more digestible chunks rather than having large paragraphs. If there are sections of the webpage that are very written content-heavy, then see if you can break that up with some images or videos that are relevant to that page’s information.


Well-spaced content, images, videos, and CTAs are a great way to aid your lead generation efforts by making your overall site more attractive and easy to navigate and read through.

Promote educational content

Another way to produce attractive content that is both creative and can help your overall lead generation is to produce educational content for your prospects.


This is a great way to gather contact information on your prospects but also prove you are an expert in your field. Accurate and well built educational courses can help position yourself as an industry leader and help give prospects an extra push to make a purchase or book a call with you.

Publish more content

One last way you can be a bit more creative with lead generation is to dive into forums and other social media platforms and publish industry-relevant articles and posts. This means writing articles on Linkedin, posting on your Facebook page, answering industry related questions on Quora and more.


Using these platforms is a creative way to help give your name a boost in regards to experts within your respective niche.

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