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subject title for cold email

How Important Is The Subject Title For A Cold Email?

Subject Title For Cold Email

People get hundreds of business emails every day. Sometimes they miss an important one because they only skim their inbox. So, you need to grab their attention with a subject line that makes them think something is extremely important.


For those that don’t understand what a subject title in an email is for, it’s there mainly for two reasons. One, to catch the interest of the person reading it. Two, it introduces the contents of the email.


Do you struggle to get your cold emails opened? Do you wonder if your emails are too boring or do you have poor subject lines? Discover how to make your email subject lines work harder for you.

Why Do I Need A Subject Title In A Cold Email?

Your subject line is important. When someone opens an email, they almost always open the first few sentences.

Know what’s important to your audience. There is no point in writing a cold email to your customers that’s unimportant to them. This will force them to delete it and make it look like you don’t care about their feedback. Write a subject line that is relevant, useful, and interesting.

You need to be selling your products and services in those first few sentences. If you don’t grab the attention of your recipient quickly with a compelling subject line, they’ll close your cold email.

Since an obvious follow up subject is not recommended, the best way to improve your open rate is by changing the subject of your email. 

For example, if you’re mailing a company directly about a software problem it’s better to say “Software problem with website” than simply “Website problem”.

How Can I Write A Good Subject Title For Cold Email?

The subject line of a cold email is a crucial part of engaging with your customers. When you make someone curious, they are more likely to read it. So make them curious, use interesting and compelling subject lines.


This will intrigue them and give them a reason to open your cold email. Or if you’re emailing a small number of people, being selective about who you’re emailing is another way to build engagement among this small group.


The subject of your email should be brief and clear, and inform them that you’re writing to them. Your subject line should also communicate the value of your email.


The key to being a successful cold emailer is in your subject line. Nobody opens an email with the subject line “Wanna get hammered?” They open it if you’ve got a compelling reason to do so. You must have a hook, some way to get them to open the email and/or read on.

What Should I Include?

The most effective emails use a succinct subject title. The subject line should sum up exactly what the email is about.


If people don’t open it, there’s no point in sending it! Use action words, not descriptive words that merely state what you’re selling. Don’t waste your time writing ugly emails. It’s better to rephrase and send original content than to recycle information already out there.


Make sure you include the subject line in your emails. This is an important factor when it comes to your email sending. Every email (especially promotional) should have a subject line that clearly explains what the email is about.

If the subject line has nothing to do with the email content, people are going to assume it has nothing to do with the content either. By including a subject line in your emails, you’re making it easier for people to read what you have to say.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some cold email subject lines.

  • “Can I help you with [specific goal]?”
  • “Here is a better way to [reach a specific goal]”
  • “Quick question [regarding a project]”

For best cold email subject line you need to add an intro leading up to a specific goal you want to help the prospect with. For example “Here is a better way to [reach their goal].” You want to show that you can provide an alternative.

A cold email subject line is short and reads easily. It also includes the topic of your email which shows why your company can benefit them.

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