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Ah cold emailing… if done right it can be a marketing and lead gen team’s favorite method of outreach.


Like all marketing activities, it does have its perks and drawbacks.


One hurdle many cold emailers would like to overcome is having no limits on the number of emails that can be sent daily.


But why are there sending limits? What are the limits for each platform? Is there a no-limits mailing system available?

Why there is a limit?

There are email sending limits for different platforms to help prevent spam for recipients. Your prospects, or anyone for that matter, don’t want endless sales emails sent to them without a clear definition or purpose. 


Due to sending limits, this means that marketers need to have high quality content within the email to have success. Quality over quantity.


Sending limits also mean you should focus on NOT being suspicious. It is okay to have a dedicated email account to send your cold emails out of, but if you have periods you do not use the account then have a sudden spike in use (ie no use and jumping to 300 emails sent or more a day) your account may get flagged as suspicious.

Sending limits for each platform

Each service you may opt to use will have email sending limits.


Gsuite has a sending limit of 20 outgoing emails per hour. In addition to this there is a limit of 500 outgoing emails per 24 hours on a free gmail account, while the paid version of gmail has a 2000 outgoing email limit per every 24 hours.


Office 365 does not have an hourly limit, but rather an outgoing email per minute limit. You can send 30 messages per minute with a cap at 10000 recipients per day.


Outlook only allows for 300 emails to be sent out per day if an account is verified. This means if you use Outlook and your email is less than a month old, you will have a reduced sending limit.


GoDaddy has a maximum of 300 outgoing emails per hour and if you mass send them you cannot exceed sending 200 emails per minute. This means each day you can send to 250 different people, but you have the option to pay to be able to email 500 people.


Rackspace does not have an hourly limit, but you do have a recipient limit of 10000 people per day.


BlueHost lets you send 150 emails per hour, but only 70 emails per 30 minutes.


Dreamhost is a bit unique with its sending restrictions. If you have a single message you are mass sending, 100 recipients each hour can be emailed. If you want to send more than this, you can make an announcement list though.


Yahoo and Yandex has a maximum 500 emails a day, but only 100 recipients can be used.


Host Gator as a 12000 daily sending limit. This is thenset to 500 emails per domain and subdomains each get a limit of 500 emails per hour.

No limits mailing system

There technically is not a no limits mailing system available on the market. Instead of a tool that allows you to send endless emails a day, there are tools that help you manage the amount of emails you are sending each day.


Tools like Send Koala allow you to schedule up to 500 emails to be sent each day, so you do not have to worry about doing this manually. By scheduling your emails with an automated tool, you get to take full advantage of your hosting platform’s limitations. 

Focusing on quality over quantity

As mentioned previously, it is important to focus on quality over quantity. No matter how many emails you can send per hour or day, if your content is low quality, the amount of people it reaches is pointless.


Making an effort to add incentives, proper CTAs, personalise your emails and be engaging to your prospects can have a greater impact than shear numbers. Pairing quality content with sending limits can allow you to be far more effective with your cold email outreach.

Why isn’t there a no limits mailing system

A true no limits mailing system would likely end up making you violate GDPR compliance and other spam regulations. So, unfortunately, there likely wont be a tool that allows you to have an uncapped amount of emails to be sent daily.


In the world of email marketing, it is far more important to remain on the good side of spam folder rather than trying to send out mass emails.

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