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Major Types of Copywriting

Get to Know The 8 Major Types of Copywriting

Copywriting gets confused with alot of other styles of writing and to make matters worse it has multiple types. Today we will be going over the types of copywriting and taking a look to see how they are used. You might already be familiar with a few of them so let’s go ahead and jump in.


Marketing is probably one that people are most familiar with and if not you can make some assumptions based on the title. Marketing copywriting is more promotional which can include paid advertisements or content that ends to promote something.


Marketing Copywriting can include the 

  • Youtube videos
  • Flyers
  • Billboards
  • Stickers
  • Direct Mail
  • Online ads

General the ones above are the common ways you will see marketing copywriting. Essentially this copywriting is a way to communicate a product or service to potential customers.

Social Media

Social media copywriting is a way to communicate with your audience by using social media platforms. By using a social media platform you already have an audience that is tailored towards your niche and company interests.


You can also gain new members of your audience through social media copywriting. overall this copywriting is very effective if your company has an audience that spends time on social media platforms will there be a younger audience or tech-savvy members. 


Here is how copywriting on social media may look:

  • Use of emojis
  • Informal tone 
  • Ads or content directing to your site
  • Brief and eye-catching content
  • KPIs are measured

Public Relations

Next, we have public relations copywriting. Public relations is a way for companies to spread awareness to other platforms like websites, podcasts, youtube channels, to promote their business. 


Public relations comes with this journalistic voice to inform the media about your business. The technique can vary but often times a PR specialist will write multiple pieces to share with media outlets to increase their chances of being published.

Direct Response

A direct response technique is a way that is so compelling it drives the customer to take an action. We are used to these types of copywriting which can also be referred to as a call to action across sites.


Here are some examples.

  • The landing page that you see after clicking on an ad
  • Sign up forms on ads or sites
  • Pop-ups
  • Open-ended emails

For example, say you are on the homepage of a website. You will either notice a button to “join” “subscribe” or learn more, or they have a form for you to fill out to quickly join.


From there the CTAs are scattered across the site to get your attention the longer you stay on. Some sites know just the right amount that won’t annoy you but would still get you interested in giving your information.


It is amazing how compelling this technique can be which is why it is known as the direct response.


We have another straightforward copywriting which is known to communicate what your brand represents. The more you communicate about your brand the more recognition you will gain in the industry you are in.


Spreading brand awareness is also another way to connect with your customers that can develop and your reputation. 


With brand copywriting, alot goes into the colors, the logo, the phrase, or song you might have. This type of copywriting takes skill to understand how your brand will be easily recognized across users.


It is not just about the visuals but it is also equally important to develop a positive brand reputation.


Technical copywriting is a style that explains technology while selling a product. It is difficult to sell a product without understanding how it works from a technical standpoint.


Thus, this type of copywriting does a good job of explaining how it works and why customers should buy it. For extremely complicated products in a competitive industry, it comes down to which product is better to understand.


Any tech devices are often compared based on what they offer and how they work. If the company is not clear about those two things then a customer is less likely to buy it.


Email copywriting is used to send marketing campaigns to engage with users. The technique of email copywriting includes.

  • Catchy subject line
  • Compelling CTA
  • Clear and Persuasive content
  • Thoughtful preview sentence


Finally, we have SEO copywriting which involves using keywords and optimizing your site. As we know there is competition for every keyword and any website looking to make money watts to be the top results.


SEO copywriting specializes in SEO techniques to help the position your website is ranking for across multiple keywords.

Final Thoughts

Those were the top 8 types of copywriting which cover a variety of ways to spread awareness about your brand. A lot of these types you probably already knew but didn’t associate with copywriting.


Finally, as you know everything comes with its own set of skills to improve so it is up to you to decide which type needs to be a priority.