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Leasd generation content ideas

Lead generation content ideas

Lead generation content

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As you launch your lead generation journey, you will come across a need to decide on what content to include. If you are not as experienced with lead generation, you may find deciding on the best lead generation content ideas to be a struggle.

Have no fear though, we have compiled a quick list of lead generation content ideas to help you with your business endeavours.

Make Your Product Free to Trial

Now maybe you already have a free trial or free version of your product or tool launched for your users, but if you don’t this could be a good strategy to capture more leads for your business.


Implementing this as a lead generation strategy creates something useable and useful for your users while you gather an email address and other contact information to follow up with to offer an upgrade from the free version of your product.

Power to the Videos

Another lead generation content idea is to create videos AND embed your lead capture forms into the video itself.


Videos are a powerful way to generate interesting content to benefit your lead generation campaigns. By embedding a form in a video, you can actively capture the lead information you need (names, emails and other information). If you have analytics set up correctly, you will also be able to see how many leads are coming through your videos, so you can also adjust your video creation plan around traffic as well.  Adding videos to your lead generation content list also helps you and your brand have a more interesting way to share information with your user base as well. 

Interact with the Experts

Producing high-quality content of any kind can be extremely beneficial to your lead generation. Another way to refresh your lead generation content ideas is to interview other industry experts and write up a blog post to publish on your site to feature the interview. These pages can often generate high amounts of traffic because of the type of post it is. Putting a CTA or popup on these pages can be a way to “kill two birds with one stone”. Traffic goes to your blog and overall site and you can capture more lead information.

Testimonials and Reviews

There are few exceptions where someone wouldn’t look up a review or testimonial before making a purchase or booking a service. People often use these as indicators for what they can expect and what their experience may be like.


Similar to the previous lead generation content idea, featuring user testimonials and reviews as videos or blog posts can be another way to garner more leads.


Again, because people actively search for these types of videos or posts, embedding your CTA, lead capture forms or pop-ups, where your testimonials and reviews are, can be an effective way to snag some names and emails to follow up with.

Side Projects

One last unique lead generation content idea would be you can launch or invest in a side project. 


Launching a side project could mean creating an email newsletter that is sent over the course of a few months, you can create a free downloadable guide, you can create either paid or free courses that are on your site for prospects to sign up for as well, and many other types of side projects.


They all have a few common points in common though. They all tend to be free or heavily discounted to those that are pushed to sign up, every sign up asks for a lead’s name and email, they all have definite value, and the side project connects to your main site or service.


After all, everyone likes to feel like they got a little something extra, so a side project can be a great way to provide this to prospects.

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