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Inbound And Outbound Sales_ The Key Differences

Inbound Sales And Outbound Sales: The Key Differences

If you sell online, you may have heard the phrases Outbound sale and Inbound sale at some point. But what’s the difference? Which should you choose?

Inbound and outbound are two different types of sales. Inbound can be defined as a customer visiting your website for the first time from a search engine, but buying from you on another site is known as an outbound sale. 

When you’re doing any kind of marketing, you have to have a good grasp of the difference between an inbound and an outbound sale. That understanding is essential to adjust your marketing strategy and messages for better results and ROI.

This article will show you the difference between an outbound sale and an inbound sale so you can make better decisions for your sales strategy.

What Is An Inbound Sale?

With the rise of inbound marketing, inbound sales are becoming an essential element in your sales strategy. 


Inbound marketing is a strategic, collaborative process that helps businesses discover their ideal customers and turn interested prospects into customers.


It’s a step-by-step process that involves a systematic approach to researching, analysing and converting your website visitors into customers.


In other words, inbound sales are defined as customers coming to you for a solution. Inbound sales provide a sales lead from a customer through a sales process.


When a prospect contacts you and engages in an exchange with you, that’s an inbound sale. This exchange can include sharing your content. For example, a company may share content and include a call to action (CTA) which directs prospects to their website.


If you want to attract customers to your website, you need your website to convey your products’ benefits accurately.

What Is An Outbound Sale?

An outbound sale is any sales process that involves email, call, or in-person contact with an outside prospect.


Outbound sales is a sales technique that involves calling a person who does not have a relationship with the salesperson. 


This sales technique is different from other sales techniques as you should be targeting a particular person. The person you’re trying to sell something to is the potential customer, not the individual taking action.


Outbound sales are a powerful way to lead with your offer. When you sell outside your company’s normal channels, you style yourself as an expert or an authority. 

Most marketers think of outbound sales as low converting, high priced lead-gen, and it isn’t. Outbound sales is an effective way to generate leads that convert into customers.

The Differences Between Inbound Vs Outbound Sales

Inbound and outbound sales are alike but differ in some ways. Both are efforts to drive traffic to your site in the form of qualified leads.


Marketers often confuse an inbound sale with an outbound sale, and they are not the same. Here is what you need to know about each.


For inbound sales, customers find you through search engines, social media, referrals, etc. Outbound sales are your customers you reach out to by cold calling, cold emailing, or going on a sales call with them.


Inbound and Outbound sales are essential if you want to have a successful online business. Inbound and outbound sales have similar traits, but they still have their differences. 


The biggest difference between inbound and outbound sales is that inbound sales could be many forms that you use to help people solve their problems or meet their needs due to competition from your competitors.

Inbound and outbound sales are processes that involve generating qualified leads through cold email or direct interaction. They are both critical parts of your sales strategy to convert leads into sales.

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