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Warm Up an Email Domain

How to Warm Up an Email Domain

An essential portion of your cold email campaign is to ensure you have an email domain that won’t end up being taken down or have messages that end in the spam folder of your recipients.


To do this you have to warm it up!


But why do you have to warm up your email domain and how do you warm it up?

Why You Have to Warm Up Your Email Domain

Before we go over how you warm it up, we must know why you have to warm up your email domain before you launch your cold email campaign. When you first register your new email domain, it starts off on a nice, neutral middle ground in terms of reputation. As time goes on the mailbox providers determine if it is good or bad. If you start sending bulk batches of emails immediately, then you can be flagged as bad. If you warm it up and then launch your campaign…then you can be seen as good.


The point of warming up the email domain is to establish rapport and a positive reputation with mailbox providers. If you warm it up, you are signaling to the domain that you have a trustworthy domain. 


Sending mass amounts of cold emails can often signal something suspicious to mailbox providers. So if you warm it up you have a better chance of reaching inboxes. The process can often feel like it takes “forever” when you want to launch your cold email campaign right away. Warming it up is still an absolute must.

How Do You Warm It Up

To warm up an email domain, you need to start with setting up your email account. You need to purchase the domain and personalize it as well. So let’s use Send Koala as an example… would be bought as a Gmail domain and then we may set names or accounts like support, team, admin, billing and more as names. It should be noted that before you launch a cold email campaign, your domain should be at least twelve weeks if it has no reputation. So you MUST warm it up because if you establish a positive reputation then you can begin sending large outbound emails after two weeks.


When you are personalizing your email account, you should also be sure it is as complete as possible. So your profile and signature should have a name, address, phone number, email address, and company name to be complete.


Next you need to be sure that it looks like there is an active person behind the email account. So part of warming it up is to subscribe to newsletters from sites and send emails to some of your personal contacts that will respond. Subscriptions and email “volleying” will help warm it up, so you won’t be neutral once you officially launch. Be sure you email these contacts each something different. If you use the same message and subject line for each one, it may get picked up and you will slowly drift into the “bad rapport” zone.


A quick tip for sending initial messages-if you have people in your network with strong domains already, prioritize sending to those people because it will reflect back on you.


After completing this process you are ready to begin sending out your emails. It is best if you don’t launch your full campaign though. Start with just a couple of your contacts to track where they are landing, response rates and sending rates.


If your test batch sends out fine, then you are ready to begin your official campaign. You need to be sure you stay within sending limits though. So it works out best to start “small” and then scale up week after week while monitoring sending schedules to be sure you are operating within the ideal parameters.


One more quick tip-be sure your copy avoids common spammy phrases. The most common word picked up as spam is free or free-offer. So, be sure your copy sounds genuine all while getting the message across.

A Quick Recap

Remember, if you want to launch a cold email campaign and have a “brand new and shiny” email domain, you have to warm it up. This keeps you on the good side of the mailbox providers. By keeping on their good side you can rest assured you can have a successful outbound email campagin.


Manually doing this may take time, but warming your email domain is well worth the time and energy.


Alternatively, you can use Send Koala. Our tool has been developed with you in mind. Send Koala allows you to warm up your email domain effortlessly so you can get to sending your email sequences to your cold email contacts faster.

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