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How to send a cold email for a job

How to send a cold email for a job

Cold email for a job


Cold emailing is a great tool for connecting with influencers and professionals for business and career purposes. It’s a must-have skill if you want to take your job search to the next level and it’s not something most people can do well.


The best opportunities are often from cold emails. You don’t know what you’re missing unless you try. And if you apply this simple formula, you’ll get a better response rate with cold emails for jobs.


You can use cold email in order to advance your career, and you must always be professional. Cold emails are just as effective as cold calling to earn a job. 


There are so many other standards in the workplace, the most important being trust. Your message should never make the recipient feel uncomfortable, or pressure them into giving you their information. 


Make sure to subtly hint at the person’s interest in you before you make your pitch.


Frustrated with not getting a job you want? Think you’ve done everything right but still can’t get a job? In this post, you’ll discover why cold emailing for a job works and how to do it effectively.

Contact The Right Person

Cold emailing the right person to a job is important for someone that is applying for a job. You need to email the right people when you’re unemployed, and cold calling can be a great way to build relationship-building skills.


Get the person’s name. Write your email in a way that the other person can tell there’s been no formal promotion, no chance of getting that person’s (or anyone else’s) job.


You can always send a long email that suggests you spent time doing research, but people aren’t expecting to receive a 2-3 page document filled with information about everything that you have previously worked on.

Be As Specific As Possible

Cold emails should include the job title and the location/company. Be concise.


 If you don’t know anything about the company, be honest and briefly say that you have a specific offer to make to them. Avoid redundant phrases such as “It’s just that”, “I realize” and “I’ve been thinking”.


Cold emailing is less of an art and more of a science. In order to make your cold autoresponder effective and produce results, you need to be sure to engage with the recipient, ask questions that are specific (and not canned!), and make the subject line personal.


Cold emailing is one of the most important parts of the job search. Make sure to include a personal slip in your cold email. 


You may need to think about why you’re sending it. If you’re a developer, show them what you’re like as a person by sending them something personal. 


If you’re applying to a sales job, you might want to send them something entertaining. Show that they’ll have nothing to be worried about if they hire you. Show them what really matters to you.

Tell The Recruiter Why You’re Contacting Them

When you email people, make sure you come from the right place. Your goal is to foster a relationship with the person you’re contacting. Think about whether your email is professional and also personal. 


  • When you send an email that’s been copy-pasted everywhere, the recipient will instantly know if you’re not interested in cultivating a relationship with them.


Tell the recruiter why you’re contacting them. Get straight to the point (like I mentioned in the last point) and don’t forget to ask if you can send a resume and cover letter together. 

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