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How To Send A Certified Email

Are you thinking of sending a certified email? It is simple and needs just a computer and an internet connection. A switch allows you to send Certified Mail online by uploading your document, entering your sending information, selecting Certified Mail, and clicking send.


A certified e-mail is equivalent to a registered letter with a return receipt in legal validity.


A certified email offers a variety of purposes that may be beneficial to us all. Because of this, you must be aware of it to fully use this service.


In this article, we will discuss the methods of sending a certified email. Let’s get started;

What is a certified email?

In Italy, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Germany, a certified email is a specific email to deliver important documents. Certified email is designed to be a legal substitute for conventional regular mail. Users may legally show that an email has been sent and received by paying a nominal price.


It’s also known as stamped e-mail or authenticated e-mail. It’s a system in which business e-mail message senders pay a nominal price to guarantee that their messages get through spam filters and reach their intended recipients.

Proponents claim that if utilised efficiently on a broad scale, certified e-mail would make spam unprofitable. As a result, enhance the functioning of the Internet by decreasing unnecessary electronic traffic.


Critics of certified e-mail argue that such a system would fail because new technologies will emerge to evade it. Additionally, since the system is optional, spammers will continue to be able to send mass messages without restriction.

The purpose of certified email

A certified email offers a variety of purposes that may be beneficial to us all. Because of this, you must be aware of it to fully use this service.

Send files as soon as possible

We can deliver any document swiftly and with a recognised legal value via certified email. This implies we may utilise it in various situations, including lawsuits, disputes, withdrawals, complaints, and cancellations. There is no waiting period for the certified email to reach the addressee.

Many internet platforms ask for it.

As you may have seen, Italy is moving toward a digital future. There are many services, processes, and requests that can only be completed online. Frequently, the services we seek necessitate the use of a certified email address via which we may transmit appropriate papers or obtain the service we have asked for. For example, registering for public contests that demand a certified email is one of these services.

Monitoring of the certified email receipt

This provides us with several benefits. We can track the reception of papers we’ve sent using a certified email. Furthermore, the certified email messages will be saved inside the gateway. This eliminates the need for hundreds of receipts or letters strewn around the workplace or at home. Everything will be carefully preserved for as long as is required.

How to send certified emails

Now let’s get started with the steps to send certified emails;

Send A Certified Email With Gmail

You can manage your certified emails in Gmail. You may choose to use Gmail as an email client. You may use it to send and receive emails using SMTP and IMAP or POP3.


Then, to get certified email on Gmail, we must set up Gmail to download certified email using POP3. As we’ll show, keep in mind that you may leave messages on the server even if you’re using POP3.


We must set up Gmail for sending if we wish to send a certified email. Click “Add another email address” in the “Send a message” area to send a message.


Tick the “Consider as an alias” option when entering the name and email address. The SMTP data for sending is then entered, and the setting to send certified email emails using Gmail is complete.


We can basically use Gmail as an email client, receive emails using POP3, and send emails over SMTP.

With Click2Mail

Click2Mail is one popular service that provides Certified E-Mail options for delivering sensitive documents.


1. Sign Up


Visit Create a free account by clicking on the “New Customer” tab on the main page. Complete the form with the necessary personal information. Create a username and a password for your account.


Add the email address from which you transmit the certified letter’s content to the authorised sender’s list. Access your account by logging in. To access “Email-to-Mail,” go to “My Account” and click “Email-to-Mail.” Enter the email address, and it will be added to your list.


2. E-mail type and Cost


Select the kind of Certified Mail that you would want to send. On the other hand, Certified Mail must be delivered to a physical address and contain a tracking number. Add a return receipt or green card to confirm delivery for an extra cost. Additionally, you may include an electronic return receipt.


Restrict distribution to a single recipient or authorised agent for maximum security. Calculate your mailing cost by clicking on the left-hand link “Product Selection.” Select the Certified Letter or Certified Self Mailer option on the new page. Which appears as a PDF document with the recipient’s signature in your account.


3. Prepare E-mail


Purchase credits to cover the cost of certified electronic mail. To purchase credit, click “Dashboard” and then “Buy Credit.” Prepare an email with the certified letter’s content. The certified mail form may be in the body of an email or as a file attachment. Both are included unless you indicate that only attachments should be included in the preferences choices. Click2Mail defines the format in which attachments should be saved depending on the software used to generate them. The most often used file format is PDF.


4. Send and track


In your email’s “Subject” area, provide the recipient’s mailing name and address. Include up to five lines of address information, separated by semicolons. Send the email to the Click2Mail-provided address.


If you selected “Confirmation Required” in the settings box, check your email for a confirmation email. To finish the procedure, click the link in the email. Track your mail with the United States Postal Service’s tracking number. This is the number that displays in your Click2Mail account. To monitor for delivery confirmation, visit the USPS website.


Can you send Certified Mail through email?

eEvidence handles the delivery and certification when you send a certified email, similar to a courier or postal service. eEvidence provides an electronic evidence receipt after it has been delivered. The receiver is not required to do anything; the registered delivery receipt is given automatically.

How can I verify my email address?

Simply CC it to [email protected] when sending an email. You’ll get a digitally signed and timestamped PDF containing your email’s content and headers.


A certified email is an email that has been verified by an email authentication service to ensure the sender’s identity and to provide proof of sending.


The process of sending a certified email is straightforward. You need to sign up for a free account with an email authentication service, enter your information, and send the message. You can also add attachments or links.


You need to follow the guidelines mentioned above when sending an email. It’s important to remember that not all emails are certified, so you should always double-check before sending! So that your communication does not end up in someone’s spam folder or being marked as a phishing scam by the recipient’s email servers.