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How To Make A Email Marketing Report Template: Everything You Need To Know

This blog post is for you if you use email strategy as part of your marketing activities. This is because reporting on what you’re sending is a critical step in developing a successful email marketing plan. If you aren’t currently creating email reports, you may lose out on campaign improvement possibilities.


Marketing experts analyse data from a range of sources to determine the efficacy of their efforts. Marketing reports, which are timely and thorough, assist industry experts in determining where to focus marketing efforts.  The reports examine which tactics work best to acquire new business, retain existing clients, and optimize their return on investment.


Effective email marketing campaign reporting is critical to break through the clutter and keep your consumers engaged. You may understand your average open and click-through rates, the influence on website conversions ‘beyond the click,’ how well different forms of email work, which times are most successful for your clients, and long-term engagement growth and engagement for your list through precise statistics.


In this article,e we will get to know How To Make A Email Marketing Report Template and everything we need to know about it. Let’s get started;

What Is An Email Marketing Report Template?

Email Marketing Report

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A pre-made email marketing template provides marketers with a starting point for their email. When marketers don’t want to start from scratch and build up an email wireframe with custom code from the bottom up, they commonly turn to templates.


The Email Reports feature offers a comprehensive insight into who receives, opens, clicks, or reports your sent emails. This tool is critical for evaluating the reach and impact of your sent emails so you can go back and discover what works.


The data supplied comprises the number of campaigns sent, the number of emails sent, the delivery rate, the open rate, the click rate, the unsubscribe rate, and the source rate. 


The Extensive Performance section analyses these variables for different campaigns and uses bar graphs to display detailed statistics at a glance.

How To Make A Email Marketing Report Template

Email Marketing Report

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Tracking the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns exposes not just where you’ve converted your subscribers but also where you can improve your email marketing approach to enhance engagement and produce more money.


Below are some tactics you can use to Make A Email Marketing Report Template;

Concentrate On The Most Significant Figures

Any background information necessary to your marketing report should be included in your introduction. Then, offer a high-level overview of the rest of your plan’s contents. When it comes to busy managers, you’ll want precise data in your report, but you’ll need to determine the most important.


Don’t just throw in a metric for the sake of it. For example, if almost everyone who joins your email list is from the same place, you may not need a section on your email list’s geographical split. We look for assessing email campaign performance when creating email reporting templates for our customers differs depending on the campaign goals. When the campaign’s objectives change, so should the data you use to evaluate its success.


Finally, the statistics that show the bottom line are the most important. The email campaign’s key performance indicators (KPIs) must show that it brings in more business, more paying customers, or improves client retention and brand loyalty.

Keep Your List Portions In Mind

Your email lists should ideally be segmented based on demographic criteria, including shopping habits, interests, and other identifiers. These elements should be included in your email marketing report. The spreadsheet helps summarise and compare the results of several campaigns against benchmark data, such as all monthly email campaigns or particular portions of a single campaign.


Keep in mind that emails sent to small groups of highly engaged subscribers will consistently outperform messages sent to your whole list, so you’ll want to keep track of your progress using those metrics as well. Marketing reports can plan future activities, such as budgeting, resource allocation, and approaches to increase market share.


Suppose you created buyer personas as part of your email marketing strategy. In that case, you should add a section in your report to showcase them. Including visuals like pie and bar charts in a report provides visual appeal and can help readers understand complicated data statistics.

Choose Between Mobile And Desktop

Email Marketing Report

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Your email analytics can tell you if your subscribers are reading your emails on their phones, tablets, or laptops. We used to be concerned about how frequently email would be checked on mobile devices. Of course, we all know that email and other internet activity may be accessed from a mobile device.


Don’t make assumptions about where your subscribers see your emails, even if you think you know where they are.


For example, you could discover that your B2B clients are more likely to make a transaction after reading an email suited for desktop computer reading since they’re on the job. Meanwhile, B2C consumers may make a purchase using their mobile devices. It’s tough to say how much time the average individual spends each day on their smartphone.


These indicators can aid in evaluating which sorts of emails (including templates) are more effective for specific groups. Age, locality, industry, kind of email, and many other factors influenced the proportion of emails opened on mobile in 2018.

Consider Your Subscribers’ Origins

Consider the sources of your subscribers.

This measure may necessitate data from your email list provider and your website. An email subscriber is an internet user who has agreed to receive frequent emails from a particular brand. When users freely sign up for newsletters, they begin what will hopefully blossom into mutually beneficial partnerships. Finally, individuals locate your list through your website and social media profiles.


Marketing emails, monthly newsletters, product launches, and other communications should always be sent from branded email accounts.


As a result, you should also have some metrics from your website traffic on hand, such as where it’s coming from and what kind of “bounce rate” you have on your email list sign-up page.


Offering a special discount on items or services is an excellent method to grow your mailing list. Even better if you can obtain data from your social media accounts, such as Facebook.


  • How do you make an email report?


  • Email Report Writing Guidelines
  • Introduce Your Email Report in the Subject Line.
  • Create a structure for your email report.
  • In Your Email Report, Pay Attention to Relevant Details…
  • Before sending out email reports, proofread them.

  • What does a market report look like?


A market report has a 1-2 page executive summary and a more extensive report. Your report should define the market size, competitors and their marketing size, and market share estimations. Market research may be used to make improvements to your marketing approach.

  • What are the advantages of email marketing?


  • Low prices. One of the most apparent benefits of email marketing is less expensive than traditional marketing platforms.
  • Reach out to an already engaged audience.
  • Deliver customized communications… Increase revenue.
  • It’s simple to get started. It’s simple to measure. It’s simple to share.
  • Reach out to a worldwide audience.

  • What are lead generation examples?


Leads can be generated through job applications, blog posts, discounts, live events, and online content. These are just a few examples of lead generation strategies you may use to attract potential customers and drive them to your goods.

Closing Words

Email marketing beats all other marketing channels consistently…. It maximizes return on investment and supports establishing a healthy contact list. Start with your new email marketing reporting template, and understand which metrics provide the most accurate picture of your email marketing success.


Prospects may be moved through the sales funnel via email marketing. These are the most crucial marketing KPIs to track in your email reports to alter your email marketing campaigns correctly. Make a habit of tracking all of this data once a month, and you’ll be well on your way to running great campaigns.


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