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Get 5 Easy Tips That Help to Improve Your Lead Generation

How to Improve Your Lead Generation?

Lead generation can be the bread and butter of your business’s overall plan to generate sales and bookings. But what happens when sales and overall leads start to plateau… or, even worse, start to take a dive?


Seeing a dip in leads can signify to you as a business owner that your lead generation efforts need to be improved or completely overhauled.


But, how do you improve your lead generation?

Improve Your Lead Generation

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Change Your CTAs

CTAs, calls to action, are buttons or any other wording within your landing pages or copy that give a little extra boost to your prospects to make a purchase, book a call, or whatever the end goal of your sales funnel is.

If your lead generation efforts could use an improvement, CTAs are an excellent place to start. A weak CTA or poorly placed button can lead to conversion rates falling short of expectations. By putting your CTA above the fold and through different critical spots of your landing page, they can prove to be more successful. The same rule can be applied to cold email. By placing your CTA in just the right spot, you will be able to generate more potential sales from your prospect lists.

Change Your Copy

Knowing what to say and how to say it is a skill that must be mastered to improve lead generation and lead conversions. If your web copy, email copy or any other writing is not quite suitable for your audience, it will simply be ineffective.


If you notice you have a less than ideal amount of leads coming through, take the time to reread your copy and change it if necessary. When cold emailing or messaging, this is a great opportunity to use two different sets of copy to see which one is the most effective.

Make Use of Images

Using images can apply to landing pages and emails.


If you check out different heat maps, the most common places to view tend to be pages with plenty of images. Images stand out and grab users’ attention by breaking up text and offering an attractive quality to the page.


So, if you notice you are using a scant amount of images, try adding in a few more to make your copy more appealing but still tasteful by not overdoing the use of pictures.

Be Concise

Your landing pages and outreach copy should be concise, easy to read, easy to scan read and as with all websites, it should have the goal of being user friendly.


Wordy messages and text that is structured in large paragraphs can be challenging to digest and get through, especially on mobile.


Break up your text, avoid being too fluffy, and use bolding to help your key points stand out. By following those few points, your text can automatically be easier to process and, in turn, can help generate more leads because people will be able to make it through your presented information.

Never Stop Testing

Do you want to know a huge key to learning how to improve your lead generation?

Never stop testing your methods and copy!

By continually testing and gathering information back on your efforts, you will always be able to find ways to tweak and make finer improvements to your overall lead generation plan. This could mean improving copy, headers, subject lines, targeting, pop-ups, and more.

No one method works best to improve your lead generation. You will have to know what is the most ideal for your target segments and audience and adjust from there.

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