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How to follow up a cold email

How to follow up a cold email

Cold email

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Ta Da!


You did it. You sent your first round of cold emails. You know what that means right?


You need to be able to follow up on your cold email. So how do you follow up a cold email?


But first, what is a follow up email in a cold email sequence?


A follow up email is a single or series of emails that follow your initial email that is designed to help urge your prospect to complete whatever your included CTA was in the email. This means further enticing them to make a purchase, book a call, switch providers of a service, etc.

Some Quick Follow Up Email “Rules”

A follow up email has a few baseline rules you can follow to help ensure open rate and response rate success.

Does the situation matter?

One aspect of following up on a cold email is knowing the purpose of the initial email. Your email campaign will have different rules to follow depending on what your intentions were. When crafting your cold email follow up you need to distinguish if you are networking or trying to make a sale.


Your follow up email needs to be artfully crafted because at the end of the day, your prospects do not owe you a reply. So let your email series urge them to reply.

Be relatable

Nobody wants to be hyped up by someone that they feel is out of their league or simply non-human. Your follow up emails need to give your prospects a reason to connect with you. Be relatable in your follow up emails.


If you have a way to connect with them, bring it up and mention it in a fluid way within the body of your email. This could mean mentioning colleges you may have both went to, similar hobbies and interests, or other fun facts that would typically be an icebreaker in a conversation.

Add variety

Every email in your sequence is aimed at the same purpose. This means that the CTA is roughly the same through each email. Using the same CTA means you will have to frame it in a few different ways to avoid saying the exact same thing again and again. Find a way to “zest” up each CTA to find a new way to entice your prospects to book that call or complete the purchase.

Don’t beat around the bush

Your first email is what should have been an attention grabber and offered a bit more information to your prospect. Let your cold email follow ups be more of a communication nudge. State what you need directly and be succinct in your message.


Let your follow up emails be brief and easy to digest.

Don’t dampen yourself down

When crafting your cold email followups, be sure to be yourself. A great follow up email is able to capture your message and intentions with your personality. Being too formal can turn people off and lead them to not want to reply.


Be natural and write in a way that makes you seem human….because you are. Type out your cold email follow up like you are talking to your prospect directly.

Don’t be too pushy

You want to be sure that when you are figuring out how to follow up a cold email, that you schedule out the next emails with a healthy gap between them. Spacing a follow up email to be 2-4 business days apart can help your emails be more effective.


People do not like to be bugged, but even if they are busy they may need a light nudge. By giving your emails a few days to be spaced out before the emails hit your prospects inbox, you will have better chances at getting a response.


When all else fails, follow the 3×3 rule. Send out 3 emails each spaced out 3 days apart.

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