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Email Marketing Optimization

Grow Your Business With Email Marketing Optimization!

Every company uses email marketing in some form, but many aren’t using it to its fullest potential.


Email marketing has a lot of moving parts that need to be taken into consideration, therefore it can’t be treated as an afterthought. 


In fact, having a bad strategy and format can actually be worse than having none at all, so why would you willingly handicap your brand like that?


However, we understand that learning the ins and outs, the metrics, the specific terminology can seem impracticable when you already have so much on your plate, and that is where we come in.

Who Needs Email Marketing Optimization?

Every company can benefit from Email Marketing Optimization. 


Any business worth their salt should already be using email marketing due to it being one of the best value for money forms of marketing, with how much you get back typically being significantly higher than what you put in.


There are many theories in business that talk about gradual improvement, and this is what optimization includes. 


The goal is to make a perfect email marketing strategy the first time around, but this is unrealistic, which is why continuous improvement is needed. 


As a company, you have to strike a good line between being confident in your procedures but also being self-aware enough to recognize that you could also do something better.


It doesn’t matter whether you have a multi-million dollar business or are currently working out of your garage; you need to be humble enough to get help and know that there are people out there like us.


People who are specially equipped to deal with marketing and other aspects of your company.


By not even considering other sources, you are destined to reach a standstill as a company, and there is a hard growth ceiling that you will hit where your business can no longer grow.


This is relevant to all the parts of a company, especially in terms of email marketing.

Benefits From Email Marketing Optimization

More Time on Your Hands

Firstly, you will gain more time, either for yourself or for your company. Like we said, to get the most out of email marketing, you have to invest a lot of hours at the onset to understand and implement a sound system and plan.


This is without even mentioning the ongoing maintenance you will need to do to ensure your strategy is still effective or if there are any tweaks you need to make.


By handing this responsibility to us, you will have more time to invest in other parts of the company or even your leisure time. We don’t judge!

Increase in Growth

Secondly, you are guaranteed to see better engagement and turnover from the email side of your marketing.


Email marketing will increase the number of people your emails will reach and ensure that quality is upheld.


This means targeting reputable figures and companies, as working with illegitimate companies will harm your company more than working with a few reliable ones.


Email marketing will also help you reach more influential people in the company rather than getting forwarded to an intern or someone who can’t help you with whatever you want.

How Can Email Marketing Optimize Your Campaign?

Email Marketing is more than just spamming people or organizations until they interact. This is the same as banging your head against a wall until it breaks.


There is a method and reasoning behind everything – what is sent, how it is said when it is sent etc.


Firstly email marketing will optimize the actual content of your emails to the companies. As I’m sure you know, what you say is important, but how you say it is just as important.


Your email first has to get past spam and then avoid getting dismissed by the person reading it.


This means ‘spammy’ titles, words, and structure that email services will flag have to be avoided at all costs. This includes things like ‘IMPORTANT’ from email addresses they’ve never interacted with before, ‘BUY NOW,’ and things of that nature.


On top of this, it needs to be as personalized as possible. There are probably hundreds of people in the email trying to sell them something, so we have to be different.


Obviously, each email can’t be tailor-made for the person receiving it, as that will severely decrease the number of people we can get it to.


However, tools have developed a way to reach as many people as possible while still adding a somewhat personal touch, thus delivering it in a tone that helps to build rapport and sound like an actual person rather than a robot. 

Why You Should Invest In Email Marketing

Not only do can it improve your current email marketing strategy, but it can add and give you more channels to improve your business from.


There is a lot of research out there that supports email marketing as one of the most money-efficient forms of marketing, with some sources even stating an ROI (return of investment) at 4200%.


This shows that direct marketing via email is highly effective; however, using this in conjunction with other indirect forms of email marketing can expedite growth.


Email marketing would help you contact other websites so that you can use their links and they can use yours. 


This will give you more exposure as people can now access your website through more avenues, but it will also improve your SEO as the more links you have to other trustworthy websites, the more likely search engines are to feature you as a top result.

PR Outreach

Email Marketing can link you with journalists and other media companies to get them to write about your company.


This could improve your public perception or give you more exposure by giving you another platform to be showcased on.


Email marketing can reduce the time needed to hire new employees by targeting a large number of people who could fit the role.


Our expertise isn’t only limited to potential workers, though. We can also help you gather and better manage your affiliates, yet another way to grow your business well.

These are only a few of the uses of our optimization service. We recognize that marketing for different purposes will require different types of emails – some of them will be wildly different, some will be slightly similar. 


Either way, email marketing can effectively utilize multiple different forms of email marketing, helping you to profit massively.

Do You Want To Grow As A Business?

Whether you’re a large corporation, an SME, or a freelancer, we promise you that email marketing can optimize your current email marketing strategy, improving what you’re already doing and even suggesting new ways to use it.