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Email Marketing Checklist

The Ultimate Email Marketing Checklist

Email Marketing can be a bit of a pain sometimes but the results are worth it! Today we made the ultimate email marketing checklist to make sure you don’t miss a step in the process.


Majority of the time alot of email marketing tools will provide the steps for you so you don’t have to figure it out. It is up to you about which tool to use but here is the Ultimate Guide to an Email Marketing Checklist.

Put together a plan

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Start by defining your goal. What is the purpose of your email marketing plan? Here are potential goals:

  • Getting new users
  • Move free users to paid
  • Improve customer experience
  • Lead nurturing

Once you have your goal you need to identify the KPI. Here are KPIs that you should track:

  • Conversion rate over time
  • Time to customer conversion
  • Contact generation over time
  • Contact’s engagement level
  • Cost of leads per drip campaign

Take note of these KPIs because each tracks different areas that are impacted by your campaign.

Identify the Audience

Once you have a clear goal and how you are going to measure it then you have to identify your audience. It is very likely if you have already started your company that you examined the audience already. 


In this case for specific email marketing goals, you will have different audiences. If your goal is to move people from the free plan to a paid plan then your audience is users who already have a free plan.


If you are barely getting started and you want to increase or start getting new users then your audience will match the group of individuals you made the company for. 


Here are some filters that you can use to find your audience for your goal

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Subscription
  • Paying customers
  • Customers portraying certain behaviors

Choose your email marketing tool

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Next, it is time to choose the email marketing tool of your choice that will meet your needs. You also need a tool that is going to show you the analytics necessary to improve.

Adjust your Email settings

Once you have the email marketing tool of your choice you need to adjust the email settings. Typically creating a campaign with an email marketing tool will walk you through the steps. If not here are some common elements that you need.

Campaign name

One of the most important elements is the campaign name! This is typically visible only to you but it can also be the subject line. As long as you are consistent with your campaign name so that there isn’t any confusion.


If your campaign name isn’t the subject line then you need to make a catchy subject line!

Sender Name

Next, we have the senders name – this is the name that is displayed to your contacts when they get the email.

It makes it easier to recognize and looks more credible. Sometimes the company name isn’t in the subject line so it can be annoying trying to figure out who is sending the email. A popular example is putting a name and from the company. Example: Celeste from SERPWIzz.

Sender Email

Then you want to create a sender email to send emails from. This is important because users can view the email and determine if it is spam or untrustworthy.

Use an email marketing email and not your personal or work one. If you use your work email then all your prospects or customers have access to your work email!

Reply Email

Lastly, you need your reply email where your users can contact you.

Organize the email contacts

Next, you want to organize your email contacts. If you are looking for new users that is a different process called lead generation.


If you already have your contacts and say you are looking to get users to upgrade your free plan – then you need to make a list of all your free plan users.

Create the content for your campaign

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Finally, you need to create the content for your campaign. Some email marketing tools will have features to help you build a campaign so if you are struggling with creativity then keep an eye out for those features!

Check links and the design


Don’t forget the last touches of your campaign. Your content is the foundation but you need a catchy design, and embed all the right links!


Make sure you have all your CTAs that work and are placed in the right place.

Send Your Email Campaign

Source: SendGrid

Lastly, it is time to send your campaign! Do a test campaign prior to fulling sending everything. You can then track the progress of your campaign through your email marketing tool.


Overall there is alot that goes into email marketing and it takes time to figure out what is working and what isn’t. Take your time and make sure you didn’t miss anything on the checklist.