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Does Linkedin Have Read Receipts

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Read receipts can help you gain a competitive edge in your lead generation efforts. Taking your lead generation campaign to Linkedin can be a rewarding move, but can you tell if a prospect has actually read your messages? And how can you gear this feature to your advantage?

What is a Read Receipt?

A read receipt is a signal that is sent back to a sender that their message has been read. These can be simple things like a check mark or literally saying “read” next to the message after it is sent.


A read receipt may not be a true indicator your message or email has actually been read though. Messages and emails can just be opened or marked as read and they will still display that it has been read to you as the sender.

Why Read Receipts are Important

From a business perspective, read receipts are important because it allows your outreach and messaging to have more of a personal touch. By having read receipts enabled, the users you interact with will be able to see when you read their messages and this will ease any of their worry regarding when they will get a reply.


Being able to see when a message sends, is received and is read helps bring a bit more peace of mind to your prospects because they will know that they are speaking with a real person.

Are Read Receipts Automatic?

Read receipts are not automatic on some platforms. Often time the recipient of your message must enable this function within their own settings if they want senders to know when they have read emails or messages.


Many messaging platforms have read receipts. These include messenger, WhatsApp, Imessage, gmail and more. For most of these platforms you as a user have to accept permissions to enable read receipts. So, if your recipients do not accept this within each app’s respective settings, you will not be able to see if a message has been read or received.


There are a few plugins that allow you to check if a message has been read or not by the recipient but this is often only for emails.

Does Linkedin Have Read Receipts?

Like the previously mentioned platforms, Linkedin also offers read receipts as an option when you are direct messaging people. If there was no read receipt available, then it would be nearly impossible to tell if someone had read your message if they do not reply.


If you operate under the assumption that a message marked as read has genuinely been read, you can adjust your messaging to be more effective. If a certain message shows as read by prospects most of the time, but you get no replies you can then implement an A/B split test as a strategy to test effectiveness of your copy.


Adjusting your copy may be what is needed to turn those read messages into read and replied. If you start to get replies in addition to your reads, you then can assume that the copy just was not up to par.

What about Gmail?

Many people that opt to participate in Linkedin lead generation may also decide to do cold email outreach or email followups to try a little bit more to get those treasured replies. 


Email is a bit tricky when it comes to knowing if your message was read and ignored or just has not been opened yet. There are plenty of tools out on the market that can help you overcome this obstacle.


Certain extensions or other paid tools can integrate with gsuite and allow you to see when your messages have been read or marked as read. Knowing these metrics can help you ensure that your copy is well crafted and you will be able to run a test, just like the above Linkedin example, to see how effective which email copy is the most effective.

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