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Cold Email Signature Tips

Cold Email Signature Tips

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What is in a name? But more so, what is in an email signature?

Having an email signature is a must in your cold email strategy, but what are some of the best cold email signature tips?

What is an Email Signature?

In an email, your signature is the block of text or images that appear after every email. Just like a letter you would send via snail mail, the signature lets your recipient know or reinforce who you are, how to contact you, and who you work for.


Parts of your email signature will often include your name, your phone number, your email address, the company information, and possibly the company logo and/or your headshot.

Why do You Need an Email Signature?

Your email signature helps reinforce both who you are and who the company is that you work for. Your cold email recipients may opt to look up who you are and who your company is after reading your email, so having a fully optimised email signature will make it easier for them to find the information that they are looking for.


If every team member has the same signature, aside from changing out key information, this helps create cohesiveness to the emails sent out from all of your team members and can help build brand recognition for your readers by having repetitive information in front of them.

How to Create and Save an Email Signature in Gsuite

Gsuite allows you to create your email signature quickly and easily.


Once you have any images you want saved to your computer, log into your gmail account and open up settings (the cogwheel). After that select “see all settings”.


On the next page, if you scroll ¾ of the way down the page, you will see a section that says signature. From this location, you will be able to select “create new”. The text box that opens will allow you to upload any photos or logos you need and add support text where it is required.


After this, simply click save and make sure you have opted in for your new signature to appear at the bottom of every email you send out.


Easy peasy.

Cold Email Signature Tips

Some signature tips include:

  • Name: make sure that your email signature includes your first and last name. Your readers will want to be sure they know who is talking to them and who to contact if they want to reach out after reading your email.
  • A quality image of you: people like to know that they are talking to a real person. Use this as an opportunity to show your face. Have your email signature include a photo that is clear, focused on your face, and that you have a welcoming smile.
  • A quality logo of the company: your image is important to tie to your name, so the company logo is important to use to have a “face” to the company name. Be sure the logo is clear and not pixelated. Including this in your signature also helps build brand recognition.
  • Your position in the company: another good signature tip is to include your position or title next to your name in your email signature. This allows you to have a certain level of expertise and can identify your importance within the company.
  • The company’s address: including your company’s address in the signature helps establish that you are a real company and allows your readers to give you a quick Google search and find your particular location within Google maps.
  • The company’s phone number: this signature tip is a slight given. If you do not include the phone number within your email signature, how will readers know what number to call if they would like to follow up on the phone rather than simply replying to your email.
  • The company’s website link: this email signature tip is another must. Including the URL embedded in the text in your email signature will make it easier for you recipients to navigate to your website so they wont have to try to search for the correct website.
  • A CTA: this signature tip helps reinforce the purpose of your email and what you would like to do. Including the most important CTA within the body of your email signature can help urge your readers to do what you would like them to.

Frequently asked questions

There are multiple things to include in your email signature to show that you are trustworthy and legit. A professional signature allows prospects to trust you more. You can include your name, title, company, and other information like how to contact you and social media links.

Here are some cold email signature tips to show legitimacy with your prospects.

  • Name, title, and company with contact information
  • Name, company, and logo
  • Name, photo,contact information

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