Point of Contact Meaning


Meaning Of Point Of Contact | What Does Point Of Contact Mean? Source: eventtechsoftware.com Point of contact is a form of communication between a prospect or customer and the business itself. It’s also sometimes used to describe the person responsible for handling a particular subject or category for a company in an online environment. Point […]

What does 3rd mean on Linkedin


What Does 3rd Mean On LinkedIn | What Are 3rd-Degree Connections On LinkedIn? Source: unsplash.com LinkedIn is the largest professional network. If you gain exposure, families, friends, co-workers, and potential employers will get to know you.  A 3rd-degree connection is one of the most powerful tools to connect you with new people on LinkedIn. This […]

FindThatLead Review


FindThatLead Source: findthatlead.com With online searches and social media as the new marketing channels, finding new ways to find leads is more important than ever. FindThatLead.com is an emerging B2B lead generation market, especially for mid to large enterprise companies. FindThatLead is a B2B lead generation tool that enables businesses to find their ideal prospects […]

How to see someone’s connections on linkedin

How to see someone's connections on linkedin

How To See Someone’s Connections On LinkedIn Source: unsplash.com People are using LinkedIn for business. Each day, the most connected users are gaining valuable content, gaining influence, and skills and it’s all at no cost. Ever hear from friends that they have never done anything on LinkedIn? That’s never going to happen. Did you know […]

Linkedin headline generator

Linkedin headline generator

LinkedIn Headline Generator | Write A LinkedIn Headline With A Generator Source: onlyinfotech.com If you want your LinkedIn profile, blog posts, video marketing, and guest posts to reach a wide audience, you’re going to need a great LinkedIn headline.   Have you ever wanted to generate a headline for your LinkedIn profile but didn’t know […]

What are Outbound Sales

What are outbound sales

What are Outbound Sales Source: Klenty Blog What are Outbound Sales? So…what are outbound sales…outbound sales are the process of prospecting for leads that have not yet expressed interest in your product or service. Finding these leads is often considered “cold” and may take a little bit of extra work because they are not “warm”. […]

Does Linkedin Have Read Receipts

linkedin have read receipts

Does Linkedin Have Read Receipts Source: How to Geek Read receipts can help you gain a competitive edge in your lead generation efforts. Taking your lead generation campaign to Linkedin can be a rewarding move, but can you tell if a prospect has actually read your messages? And how can you gear this feature to […]

Top Lead Generation Tips For Luxury Brands

lead generation tips for luxury brands

Top Lead Generation Tips For Luxury Brands Source: Unsplash.com Are you targeting the right prospects? In business, we want to generate as many leads as possible to improve our sales. To do this we need to ensure that we’re targetting the most likely prospects – people who are likely to want what we’re offering.   […]

How Do I Carry Out Lead Generation In NZ?

lead generation in NZ

How Do I Carry Out Lead Generation In NZ? Source: Unsplash.com Do you want to generate more leads and sales from your website? Do you want to reach more customers? If so, you are not alone. Thousands of businesses are spending millions and millions of dollars on marketing and advertising to no avail.   Lead […]

How Does Lead Generation Work In Ireland?

lead generation work in Ireland

How Does Lead Generation Work In Ireland? Source: Unsplash.com Successful lead generation Ireland requires a multi-channel approach. Today, new data from Enterprise Ireland shows that companies in Ireland have a large number of different channels that they use. But is one channel more important than another?   Search engine optimization is a vital online business […]