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Lead generation tools

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B2B lead generation has its own unique challenges, but with that, it means that this type of lead generation also has its own specialised tools to help you be successful.


So, what are some of the best b2b lead generation tools for b2b industries.

Send Koala

*wink wink* Now we couldn’t make a comprehensive list of tools without mentioning our own tool Send Koala.


Send Koala is a B2B lead generation tool designed to help you with your cold emails. Send Koala warms your email domain, automates your sending, and keeps you out of spam folders or from getting blacklisted.


Cold email is a popular method of lead generation for B2B niches, so having a tool that makes this process easier is a must.

Omni Reach

Omni Reach is one of the favored b2b lead generation tools that help you generate qualified leads through Linkedin. Automating your prospecting allows you to save time and effort by inputting your Sales Navigator searches and allowing the tool to do all of the heavy lifting.


Omni reach warms up your profile and allows for A/B split testing so you can be more effective in your Linkedin lead generation.

Linkedin Sales Navigator

Linkedin Sales Navigator is a great b2b lead generation tool available. This is a subscription-based tool that allows you to refine your searches to find your ideal prospects. Linkedin Sales Navigator gives you the ability to search by geography, job title, industry, company size, and more.


The further you refine your search, the closer you potentially get to your target market. Given that Linkedin is full of professionals, this makes it a great lead generation tool for B2B niches.

Lead Pages

Once you have a lead enter your sales funnel, you need a place to be able to ultimately send them. Lead Pages is a great b2b lead generation tool that allows you to accomplish this. Lead Pages is a simple tool that allows you to create a variety of landing pages with your CTAs and is designed using a drag and drop technique to allow both beginners and experts to build their ideal landing page to include in their sales funnel.

Hubspot CRM

Hubspot CRM is another tool that you can add to your tech-stack to accomplish your lead generation desires.

A CRM tool is a must to keep your sales pipeline organised. Hubspot CRM allows for you to see sales activity, individual performance, prospect tracking, allows you to set up meetings and more.

Google Ads

Google Ads can be an effective tool to help you with your B2B lead generation. PPC Ads allow you to target your ideal audience and prospects through targeted ads.


This means targeting based on location, interest, and other factors that let you hone in on your perfect demographic to be able to get the best visibility of your product or service and hopefully give that extra nudge for individuals to make a purchase or book a call.


You can also add negative keywords or interests within your ads to avoid targeting certain people that you know do not fit your ideal customer.

Jot Form

Jot Form is a simple tool, and a must to include in our list of b2b lead generation tools, that allows you to make attractive popup forms to capture your lead information. Beyond just popup forms, Jot Form also allows you to create signup forms and feedback surveys for your website.

Using a form tool for B2B lead generation helps you capture site visitor information and other valuable information to help you build your contact lists and be able to gather feedback on what may need to change or improve in terms of both your site, product, or service

Frequently asked questions

For B2B lead generation start conversations with current companies you are connected with then try cold emailing and cold calling. You can also use a B2B lead generation tool to help gather contacts and target the right businesses.

Here are the top lead generation tools for B2B.

  • Nimble
  • Hubspot
  • SharpSpring
  • Keap
  • Marketo

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