Sales and Marketing Salaries

Sales and Marketing Salaries

Sales and Marketing Salaries If you are looking to enter the world of sales and marketing the opportunities are everywhere for you to either land a job or build a career. The big question many people have though is what to expect for sales and marketing salaries.   As a company founded on helping you […]

No Limits Mailing System

limits mailing system

No Limits Mailing System Source: Woodpecker Ah cold emailing… if done right it can be a marketing and lead gen team’s favorite method of outreach. Like all marketing activities, it does have its perks and drawbacks. One hurdle many cold emailers would like to overcome is having no limits on the number of emails that […]

What are Outbound Sales

What are outbound sales

What are Outbound Sales Source: Klenty Blog What are Outbound Sales? Outbound sales are the process of prospecting for leads that have not yet expressed interest in your product or service. Finding these leads is often considered “cold” and may take a little bit of extra work because they are not “warm”. Outbound sales prospecting […]

Does Linkedin Have Read Receipts

linkedin have read receipts

Does Linkedin Have Read Receipts Source: How to Geek Read receipts can help you gain a competitive edge in your lead generation efforts. Taking your lead generation campaign to Linkedin can be a rewarding move, but can you tell if a prospect has actually read your messages? And how can you gear this feature to […]

High Ticket Sales

High Ticket Sales

High Ticket Sales Source: Forbes High ticket sales present their own unique challenges for sales teams. To conquer this niche you must first know what a high ticket sales item is and who the buyers of these items will be to know how to sell to them and make that close. What is a High […]

Cold Email Signature Tips

Cold Email Signature Tips

Cold Email Signature Tips Source: Mail-Signatures What is in a name? But more so, what is in an email signature? Having an email signature is a must in your cold email strategy, but what are some of the best cold email signature tips? What is an Email Signature? In an email, your signature is the […]

Can you cold email businesses

Can you cold email business

Can you cold email businesses Photo Credit: Outfunnel Cold email can be an effective tactic to use in your lead generation campaigns. One lingering question here is can you cold email businesses? The Verdict You can cold email businesses. There is no law or regulation that prevents the sending of cold emails to businesses. The […]

B2B Lead Generation Tools

B2B lead generation tools

Lead generation tools b2b Photo Credit: Raka Creative B2B lead generation has its own unique challenges, but with that, it means that this type of lead generation also has its own specialised tools to help you be successful. So, what are some of the best lead generation tools for b2b. Send Koala *wink wink* Now […]

Lead generation content ideas

Leasd generation content ideas

Lead generation content ideas Photo Credit: Marketing Land As you launch your lead generation journey, you will come across a need to decide on what content to include. If you are not as experienced with lead generation, you may find deciding on the best lead generation content ideas to be a struggle. Have no fear […]

How to follow up a cold email

How to follow up a cold email

How to follow up a cold email Photo Credit: Close Blog Ta Da!   You did it. You sent your first round of cold emails. You know what that means right?   You need to be able to follow up on your cold email. So how do you follow up a cold email?   But […]